Visa Platinum

You want the finer things in life, the best restaurants, the best hotels and the best credit card to pay for it all. With a low annual rate of 9.9%, a Cash Back Credit program and faster accumulation of BONUSDOLLARS, the VISA Desjardins Platinum card offers the best.

  • Visa Platinum
  • Visa Platinum

    Lowest annual rate in the country 9.9%
    Travel insurance (up to 60 days)
    Annual cashback rewards program
    Rewards program at 1%


BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program

1% of purchases made in Canadian currency awarded as BONUSDOLLARS

Exclusive Cashback

Annual cashback13 of 1% in the form of an account credit once purchases reach $20,000 per year. Maximum amount of $800 per year paid on the anniversary date of the opening of the account.

Exclusive Personalized Service

  • Dedicated team
  • Quick response time
  • Credit limit tailored to cardholders’ needs $169 annual fee. Interest rate – 9.9%.